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Stories in Sound

“How does anything that Dom writes become an instant hit?” said a peer at Berklee College of Music, but Dom De Paz grew up always being counted out.

A singer-songwriter born and raised in a small town in New Jersey, Dom was heavily influenced by the radio. He learned how to play piano at five, taught himself to sing at ten, and later, the guitar at fourteen. Throughout his childhood, he was never afraid to speak his mind; he was always the first dog to burst in the room and bark. His talent was noticeable, but it was never truly utilized in any beneficial way, and others would jeer at him for it. It took him until high school to realize that he needed to tone it down a little, and so he began to shelter his emotions.


At fifteen, Dom penned his first song, and hasn’t looked back. In 2019, he was accepted into Berklee College of Music, focusing on songwriting and production, while also honing his skills in business and performing. During this time, he worked with high-caliber musicians, performed live, and even spent five months in Spain sharing his passion across the pond. He kept his original music hidden from everyone, until he finally drew back the curtains in 2021, with his first single “Best Decision”. This collaboration with LA producer MXZ was cut short after a couple sessions, which meant that it was back to the drawing board. Although he has not released a song since that summer, he has been collaborating and pitching original songs to artists all over the globe, and plans to make a comeback in 2024.

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